Ben Woodhams has been, and occasionally still is, an author and journalist. He now works in Parliament, but this is his personal site.

  1. Jess Search says:


    I run the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation and I came across your Adam Curtis film. Just wanted to say thank you. Spot on and accomplished with great style and humour. Sweet.

    Jess Search

  2. Lara P says:

    Ben: I had several arguments with friends of mine about the most recent Adam Curtis series. Not only the stringing together so quickly of pictures, music, endless words, but yes, as you put it so well, that deep authoratitive BBC voice. I thought the whole thing was fun, a bit thought-provoking but ultimately failed because it was based on a series of ‘straw-men’ argyuments. Your vid mademe so happy. I’ve sent it to all the people who told me I was being grumpy and failing to understand the real intellectual message! Bravo. Wish I’d made it myself.

  3. jacarandamimosifolia says:

    I was directed to your Adam Curtis film by a friend, after I’d raved about how great I thought ‘Machines of Loving Grace was’ (after, in my defence, the first episode). Your film is perfect. And I was wrong. As I have semi-admitted here: http://wp.me/pt9W4-kw, FWIW. Congrats on a really excellent and very funny piece.

  4. StefZ says:


    Another fan of your pitch perfect Adam Curtis parody here

    A friend tagged a link to your video with the line – ‘3 hours of this nonsense and I shall have my vengeance’


    Fantastic work, thanks for doing it


  5. Jon says:

    ‘But that did not matter’ just has me in stitches every time. Thanks so much.

  6. Stephen Mason says:

    Hi Ben,
    I was brought to your site by your Adam Curtis parody – very funny. It annoyed me for a second (as I like Curtis’ work a lot) but then I got over it. I then read your ‘The last time I saw my Dad’. Lovely.
    My Dad died a month ago and your experience struck a chord. Thank you.

  7. You’re a funny guy! Just watched ‘The Loving Trap’ a few times and now I’m off to watch some more…

  8. Zinonos Anna says:

    Dear Ben,

    So as someone who likes to read the thoughts of Curtis, Chomsky, contemporary Russian dissidents, academics who have been in the beast’s cave, like Mr. Varoufakis and other ”outsiders”, I should probably just THANK YOU for making his work more popular to the (laughing) masses.

    Unlike a hell lot of journalists these days, Mr.Curtis has not yet believed the pessimist credo, that the audiences are daft, hence serve them something daft in exchange of money / attention. To me, he understands that what he has to talk about in his documentaries is a difficult subject matter (history as it evolved/evolves), and that his audience is not always of academic caliber, but that is exactly why his work is so admirable, he still makes it chew-able enough, for every man or woman, no matter educational background, to process some of it if not all of it. And that is democratization of an advanced way of thinking. Thank you for advertising him with parody productions.

    I think he also practices what professional historians, and I lack the English term now as I first read about this in my native, ‘fantasy’, lets say, historical thinking using some fantasy. This is not normally accepted in historical thought, the historical should never be the judge. He or She only wants to prove as many facts as possible.

    Mr.Curtis just goes a bit further, connecting facts, in ways his critics say it ends up not credible, but really, how many history books are really 100% credible? Probably none of them is 100% empty of the author’s personal and cultural biases or other ailments.


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